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Mobility in Times of Uncertainty-
In Search of Lost Time 

Research project 2021-22 with collaborating artists Ben McEwan, Svenja Bühl and Isolde Carmody

I am interested in how patterns that emerge in embodied movement and further expressed through drawing, describe elements not only of the patterns inherent in growth and life (spiral and fold patterns), but are also indicative of our experience of mobility and bodily relationship with our environment. Mobility and restriction in the context of home place, within the wider context of the pandemic forming an important aspect of research.


‘ Time in order to become visible “seeks bodies and everywhere encounters them, seizes them to cast its magic upon them.” Deluze cites Proust

This research continues to explore the potential of meaningful dialogic processes in trans-disciplinary duet forms. With a focus on experiences of mobility and connectivity for diverse movement practitioners the work is also framed by Giles Deluze's ideas about time as multiple singular processes and David Bohm's descriptions of dialogue as a process of 'making in common', of  creating new together.  

Through an awareness of the particularity of pure past within any given present the present becomes fully active ‘in an interaction with an infinite array of possibilities resonating with the past’. Time becomes a manifold of processes fragmenting all subjective and objective grounds into a network of interactions.

Project supported by Arts Council Ireland funding.

Charcoal 2 sept 21_edited.jpg
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