Aleksander Wojcik

I’m a freelance physical artist traveller that has great
interest in fnding new possibilities and connections between different disciplines and art forms... I’ve spent the last few years discovering the art of Parkour/ Acrobatics and worked on combining it with fre staff contact spinning, capoeira, dance and street theatre. I have a huge passion to tell stories with my skills to inspire people to live life to its full potential with a vibrant outlook on tomorrow.

Work Experience

Twisters Gymnastics Jan 2013 — 2013 July
Volunteer Gymnastics Coach
Volunteering 15 hr a week, coaching and spotting children from 6- 13 while at school fnishing my studies.

The return Of Colmcille parade June 2013
Volunteer Head of the bouncing babies
Gathering gymnasts and free runners together to create a bouncing babies part for the parade, organising rehearsals and leading the group on the day of the parade.

Twisters Gymnastics 2013 July — 2014
Gymnastics coach
Working part time approx. 20 hr a week coaching a team of gymnasts and creating Classes of Parkour with in the younger spectrum of kids.

In your space 2014 – now
Performer & teacher
Working together with a circus school and an entertaining company. Doing lots of gigs throughout the year like festivals, carnival and walk about work dressed up in different characters, staged acrobatic comedy sketches and workshops for kids.

Derry Temple of Grace build by David best April 2015
Volunteer builder
Helping out with cutting and stapling wooden crafts for the temple details, moving and replacing walls, hosting other volunteers at home.

Backpacking gypsies 2015 sept - Now
Street Performance
Working with a partner doing acrobatics and fre performances for the public on the streets or festivals busking using music or having fun alongside of live musicians. Lots of experimenting and mixing ideas and artists to make a few quid to keep moving towards our next destination.

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2 Jim arms
Undercurrent 16.09.16 Kate Wilson (22)
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