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"An invitation to find strength in connection, both with each other, and with the land that holds us."

Created in the context of the current health and environmental crisis, Unearth is an invitation to find strength in connection, both with each other, and with the land that holds us. Blending visceral imagery and dance with narrative and music, stories of support are interwoven with structures that both restrict and liberate. At times balancing on the edge of stability and physical threat, these structures are collectively created, navigated and eventually dismantled. 

Exquisitely lit, and with a soundscape that is richly textured with storytelling from the ensemble and devised music from UK based Haylett, this performance invites the audience into an intimate world that ultimately resonates with, and celebrates the positive power of union and collaboration. 

Bringing together an intergenerational ensemble, including Irish and international performers with ages ranging from 12-50 years, artistic director Wilson has created a unique ensemble for Unearth. The result of a yearlong online collaborative development process, the ensemble expresses meaningful connections across ages and backgrounds, as well as deep agency within the work. Unearth is an uplifting and timely new performance that embraces diverse voices and perspectives and reflects on our inherent connection to earth.  

                                            engaging and moving

                                                                                      creating new worlds with its own boundaries                                                                                                 and possibilities for eventual freedom


heart-warming to see the physical contact



                                                                                  I was captivated from the very beginning.                                                                                                      Enthralling


                                                                                         Amazing to see the integration of different                                                  generations


                                                                                             expansive images

The Magnestise Collective

The collaborators for Unearth have been working with Undercurrent since 2019 as the Magnetise collective, and include two Leitrim-based performers with theatre and visual art backgrounds that are wheelchair users, three local youth dance performers, and international theatre practitioners and dancers whose practices are based outside of Ireland. With Kate Wilson and Isolde Carmody of Undercurrent the performance and research collective includes Franziska Böhm, Svenja Bühl, Gaelin Little (11 Farrer House & Compass Dance), Ben McEwan (Scottish Dance Theatre), Hristo Ushev, Kathy O'Leary, Amelie Frazer, Charlie Wilson and Grace Murphy.

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Images by Róisín Loughrey

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