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began as a series of workshops in the Avalon Centre in 2017&18 for sharing cultural dance styles. It is now held bi weekly in Globe House in Sligo and is a fun sharing session with Nigerian, contemporary dance and seanos dance along with many other styles. It is led by Kate Wilson, Loveth Oyiboko and Brenda O'Callaghan. All ages and nationalities are welcome

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Sligo Cultural Dance Share

Hosted by Kate Wilson (Undercurrent) Loveth Oyiboka (Nigerian Cultural Dance) and Brenda O'Callaghan (Cos Cos Dance)

Cultural Dance Share brings communities from different countries together to share traditional dance in a joyous celebration of our unique heritages. Seeing ages from four years join with adults up to 70+ creates a warm community atmosphere where the shared language of movement speaks loudly of our inherent connectivity. Dance Share is an open supportive space where all levels and ages both take the lead and follow in non hierarchical sessions and events towards meaningful social integration & positive intercultural awareness in a celebratory arts context.

In 2017 Kate began a cultural dance initiative in Sligo's direct provision centre, Globe House with the support of CREATE. Initially for adults it has become intergenerational with children joining their parents for the sessions. Resident of Globe House, Loveth Oyiboka from Nigeria and Sligo's Sean-nós dancer Brenda O'Callaghan have joined Kate in the continuing initiative creating unique community spaces for all ages and cultures to come together to share dance and music. 

In 2019 we hosted a fund raising event in local venue, Anderson's. The event was supported by the wider Sligo community and as well as raising financial support for a local asylum seeker it  also  benefitted from resounding positive feedback from the Sligo community.


In 2021 Kate was invited to extend the initiative to events and workshops at the Hawks Well Theatre as part of Cairde Festival. For this event we were joined by Ethiopian contemporary dancer Mintesinot Wolde and local dancer Freya Brennan.

Cairde event photographed by Anna Leask

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