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Guth an tSrutha

"The waters constant flow and renewal frames the performers' continuous unfolding into present before slipping back in waves as time rolls over itself drawing disparate pasts together."

Guth na sTrutha was a live outdoor performance at the riverside boardwalk Carrick-on-Shannon by Undercurrent. A meditation on the river and time, three duets between musicians and dancers unfold into swirling eddies of memory and imagination, inviting us to reflect and listen to the ‘voice of the stream’. These three dialogues in sound and movement fork, branch, slew and slow inviting audiences to share in the process of ‘listening’ to each other, and the environment that holds us.

A collaborative work created and performed by Kate Wilson, Isolde Ó’Brolcháin Carmody, Gaelin Little, Natalia Beylis, Milo Cummins and Mat Warren.


Through its collaborative and transdisciplinary approach Undercurrent, rather than isolate elements towards understanding, seeks new connections across art forms and between diverse practitioners, exploring experience as a dynamic totality and finding that these deeper relational experiences negate possibility for hierarchy as we increasingly understand our far-reaching interdependence. The company pursues the opening, reforming, and extending of languages, towards deeper connectivity and deeper responses to our shared environments.

Supported by: Culture Night Ireland, Leitrim County Council, Local Live Leitrim,
Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media


Images by Róisín Loughrey

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