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  Hereinafter Performance

                                           directed by Kate Wilson


 Residency and Performance at the Dock 2013


Residency and performances exploring concepts of fragility and uncertainty in everyday life, drawing from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

This project was a collaboration with musicians, Lauren Kinsella, Cathal Roche and Colm O'Hara, actors Marie de La Guiernniere and Nicola MacEvilly and  dancer Marketa Formanova. 


Performed by Marketa Formanova (dance), Marie de La Gueronniere (physical theatre), Nichola Mac Evilly (physical theatre), Cathal Roche ( clarinets & saxophones), Colm O'Hara (trombone), Lauren Kinsella (voice).

Exploring the fragile line on which our existence is balanced this trans-disciplinary work examines the precarious nature of reason, understanding and communication in life and in action. Project direction & video by Kate Wilson. Performed at the Dock Arts Center 2012

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