Magnetise Project is an international residency and community workshop series, based at the Dock, with initial work in August 2019. The project is an exploration of our connections to earth, landscape and mass. It is a study of earth in both the simplicity and complexity of interconnectivity between us and the ground we inhabit, as well as the relation of this to questions of how we find a sense of agency in the current climate of serious and impending environmental issues. Beginning from walking and reflection processes in the local landscape this work is an exploration of interconnection and pull between our own mass and ground and between bodies. These issues are explored in workshops, discussion platforms and collaboratively through dance, mindful practices, landscape and embodied practices.

Managed by Undercurrent the artists are Kate Wilson (IRL), Gaelin Little (UK),

Ben McEwan(UK), Svenja Buehl(DE), Franziska Bohem (DE) and Hristo Ushev (Bulgaria).

The community groups are Bright Sparks Youth Theatre, Creative Current Youth Dance and WILL.