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an exploration of techniques for expressive movement in water


'Under the Surface' is a collaborative project with a group of individuals who are highly trained swimmers and members of Special Olympics Connaught. Exploring the use of poetic movement technique I created dance for underwater video at the outdoor pool in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. 


This project grew from my theatre and film practice that is largely informed by how I collaborate with other people and by a deep interest in place. Driven by an ongoing interest in how untrained movement (& trained movement from disciplines other than dance) can be important in the development of work for contemporary dance, my concern is with the revelatory nature of authentic movement possible in these areas; it's progression to clear visceral movement for performance through the employment of structures and skill sets used in movement theatre; and the import of the resulting work for devised and improvised contemporary dance.

Under the Surface

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An exploration of methods for poetic movement in water

Created in collaboration with Paul Evans (Swim Instructor)
and Jim Reynolds (Special Olympics)


Arts Council Project Award / Leitrim County Council Bursary / Aura Leisure & Special Olympics Connaught 2015 

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