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From Here, A Bridge

Coming soon to The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon!

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From small everyday journeys to those that bring us to new worlds and cultures, we are always on the move.

Increasingly conflict and climate change force many to take treacherous journeys. Through an intergenerational lens we consider obstacles and navigational tools, from GPS to celestial maps, with consequent gains and losses to wayfinding skills and our relationship to environment.


Developing immersive sensory elements including, live 360 camera projections, hanging textures and objects and surround sound this unique performance is a participatory audience experience breaking traditional audience-performer barriers. Bringing together a unique integrated ensemble, initial project development is April to July followed by rehearsals in August at The Dock culminating in a performance.


In collaboration with musician and audio describer Emilie Conway, the project includes innovative approaches to audio/visual and sensory access tools creating a work that welcomes diverse audiences. Other collaborators visual artist Milo Cummins, composer Olivir Haylett.


Looking at freedoms, restrictions and dreams in our journeying, From Here, A Bridge sheds light on gaps within normative culture, opens innovative spaces for exploring diverse navigational experiences and asks what it is that keeps driving us forward. 

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Living in separate worlds, two women’s lives are connected. They are intertwined yet unaware of each other’s existence. Then, through experiences that bring them both ‘out of body’, each falls through a crack in their own reality emerging into a world that sits outside the everyday.

A realm between earth and sky, between reality and imagination. Here they meet, and recognise their intrinsic interconnection, a symbolic relationship that touches on the inter-relating of all life. Now it becomes clear to them both that every action creates a reaction for the other and every desire requires the support of the other. In an Escher like world of impossible staircases, looming buildings and endless tunnels they learn to navigate difficulties together. 
Project in development
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