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Landing Places | February 2022
Residency Research
The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon 

A collaboration with UK sound artist Olivir Haylett, Kate Wilson of Undercurrent is joined by an exceptional team of dance artists for this research project. The artists are Gaelin Little (UK), Isolde Ó’Brolcháin Carmody (IRE), Loveth Oyiboka (Nigeria), Robin Wilson (IRE) and Mintesinot Wolde (IRE & Ethiopia).

Descendants of nomads, movement through the world, and the dances within and around us are our very expression of life. Core to community and our relating to ‘other’, Landing Places is a unique platform for these experienced and diverse movement practitioners to explore how movement and dance practices can expand understanding of our societal and cultural experiences of mobility. Undercurrent are delighted to be including a week long in person residency for Landing Places at the Dock in February 2023. Landing Places research project is supported by Arts Council Bursary Award.

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