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Landing Places is a new performance that addresses issues of
containment and displacement within somatic and geographic
experiences of mobility.

A powerful and visually arresting performance, Landing Places integrates cultural dances
from Ethiopia and the Agbor region of Nigeria, with contemporary dance theatre and
acrobatics. This unique and timely exploration of cultural and geographic experiences of
mobility examines the experienced convergences between geographical displacement and
restricted body mobility.

Descendants of nomads, our movement through the world, and the dances within and around us are our very expression of life. Tender and powerful, Landing Places is an uplifting expression of how, through connection and support, we reach beyond limiting boundaries and continue to expand the imagined and real worlds we inhabit.


A collaboration with sound artist Olivir Haylett, this new work was developed by Kate
Wilson (Artistic Director of Undercurrent), along with an exceptional team of dance artists.
The artists are Gaelin Little (UK), Loveth Oyiboka an asylum seeker from Agbor, Nigeria,
Mintesinot Wolde (IRE & Ethiopia), and dance aerialist and ac
robat Robin Wilson (IRE).

Photos by Milo Cummins

With a striking set, reminiscent of Lars von Trier’s ‘Dogville’, these diverse performers
navigate a world of lines in a Kafkaesque world of timeless containment evoking experiences
of endless corridors of large institutions. Passionate performances
from the ensemble unfold onto the theatrical set where they ultimately express, without
guard, the deeply felt necessity to move without limits, and beyond walls.


With initial research supported by Arts Council of Ireland, Landing Places was previewed at
the Dock in spring 2023.

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