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Unearth : Close Contact

Devised and performed by Kate Wilson, Gaelin Little, Svenja Bühl, Isolde Carmody, Franziska Böhm, Kathy O'Leary and youth performers Grace Murphy, Amelie Frazer and Charlie Wilson.

Previewed in December 21, this live performance and installation by Undercurrents Magnetise Collective, explores the human experience of touch and re-emergence. Accompanied by immersive sound composition created and performed live by Olivir Haylett, narratives of mobility and constraint, both bodily and geographically, unfold through the elements of performance, film and sound, bringing our experiences of individual and collective mobility to the fore in a rich, visceral and textured work. A intergenerational collaboration, this trans-disciplinary work explores what it means to us to reconnect after isolation, and to re-emerge into the worlds of ‘other’ as we navigate shifting parameters and changing relationships to mobility.

The Magnestise Collective

The collaborators for Unearth: Close Contact have been working with Undercurrent since 2019 as the Magnetise collective, and include two Leitrim-based performers with theatre and visual art backgrounds that are wheelchair users, three local youth dance performers, and international theatre practitioners and dancers whose practices are based outside of Ireland. With Kate Wilson and Isolde Carmody of Undercurrent the performance and research collective includes Franziska Böhm, Svenja Bühl, Gaelin Little (11 Farrer House & Compass Dance), Ben McEwan (Scottish Dance Theatre), Hristo Ushev, Kathy O'Leary, Amelie Frazer, Charlie Wilson and Grace Murphy.

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It was heart-warming to see the physical contact. I was captivated from the very

beginning. Enthralling!

Very touching and captivating to watch! Loved the overall interplay between sound, light and movement!

Creating new worlds with its own boundaries and possibilities for eventual freedom 

Compelling choreography complimented by the wonderful lighting and music 

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